Holly Grace is in need of sponsors while she waits for her forever home.




  We discovered recently that Savannah is deaf and she is currently with our trainer to allow her to learn to function well without the guidance of cues from other horses.  Savannah is extremely gentle and patient with people, as well as other horses.  


Savannah has returned from training!  We find her to be well adjusted and quiet under saddle.  She is best suited for a petite woman or a child rider.  Potential adopters should keep in mind that Savannah is a cribber.

Moon Pie is in need of sponsors while she waits for her forever home.

Black Jack is fully sponsored while waiting for his forever home.

Ruby Louise​

18 yr Arabian mare, sorrel

Ruby Louise came to us from Orangeburg County animal control as a starvation case.  Today, she is fully rehabilitated and ready for her new home!  Ruby would make a wonderful companion horse, as she is not rideable due to a tendon issue with her back leg.  Ruby is very sweet and an "in your pocket" mare who pastures well with other mares and geldings.


​Sargent Dundee a.k.a Dundee

16 yr OTTB, gelding, 16.2 hands

Dundee just arrived at L.E.A.R.N. November 17, 2016.  He was abandoned by his previous owner and relinquished to our care.  We are finding him to be very sweet and curious and he loads and leads well.  Dundee will be evaluated under saddle to determine the extent of his training and experience in the coming weeks; stay tuned!.  

Ernie is in need of sponsors while he waits for his forever home.




"CLOUD" came to L.E.A.R.N. in November 2016 with her 4 yr half mustang colt, "Indian Rain" (also available) and a branded 17 yr BLM (Bureau of Land Management) mustang, named "Lakota" (also available for adoption).

"Cloud" is undergoing a 30 day refresher course in ground work and basic riding.  She has previous trail experience and loads of potential.  She is suitable for an intermediate rider.


21 yr Spotted Saddle Horse, 15 hands, gelding

Apache is a L.E.A.R.N. alum!  He was adopted out to a wonderful family who regretfully brought him back to us after making the decision to move back into the suburbs after the birth of their first child.  Apache is a handsome guy and is a perfect for trail riding.  We love having him back but know that it won't last long!

Apache is in need of sponsors while he waits for his forever home.



Seen here with his dam, Painted Cloud.

Dundee is now fully sponsored while waiting for his new forever home!!

Savannah is in need of sponsors while she waits for her forever home.

Ruby Louise is in need of sponsors while she waits for her forever home.


​Lakota is a blue roan BLM gelding, 17 years old. 15 hands.  He is blind in his left eye and has trust issues, hard earned we are sure. With unconditional love and a good feed program he has gained over 200 pounds and some trust for his humans here. With the right person, with kindness and compassion, this gorgeous horse will morph into someone's forever mount.


15 yr old miniature horse, gelding

Ernie is a precious little guy!  So curious and friendly that we had a hard time getting his picture!  Ernie pastures well with other horses and we believe that he was shown at halter in a previous life.  He is best suited for a family with older children or an adult only family, as he has poor manners around small children. 

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Moe, Adopted November, 2014

Traveler, Adopted July, 2014


GRAND GERADO a.k.a Black Jack

13 Year off the track Thoroughbred, Gelding
Blood Bay, 17.1 hands

Black Jack came to L.E.A.R.N.  in 2013.  A former race horse, Black Jack went on to be the first lesson/show horse for a young lady in New York. Due to osselets from his racing career, Black Jack could not compete as a jumper, only hunter on the flat, and his rider wanted to move up. The owner believed her big, sweet horse was sent to a retirement farm by her trainer. Unfortunately, Black Jack was eventually discovered at an auction, emaciated and extremely sick from strangles. A previous owner bought him from the kill buyer before the gelding was shipped to Canada to be slaughtered. He was sent to us by the rescuer and, after an intense, expensive  rehabilitation, Black Jack recovered.  We have found that as long as Black Jack is consistently exercised, and not jumped, his osselets are not an issue and he exhibits no lameness issues at all.  

Crescent Moon a.k.a Moon Pie
23 yr old Thoroughbred Cross, mare, 15 hands

"Moon Pie," as she is affectionately know at the farm, is a sweet and gentle soul, wonderful with children, adults and other horses.  She is easy going on trails and suitable for all level of riding experience.

Holly Grace was abandoned in a stall late one evening at one of our foster farms by her previous owner.  Our staff was able to find the owner, who then relinquished ownership of Holly to our organization.  At that time, she was an extremely severe starvation case-a .5 on the Henneke Scale.  Now, she is a sweet, happy & healthy gal, comfortable being pastured with both mares and geldings alike.  She has some lameness issues so is not suitable for riding, but is a wonderful companion horse.  She is the grand daughter of "Wap Spotted" on Sire's side, "Bold Ruler" on Dam's side.​


Recovering from a state of severe malnutrition or starvation is a painstaking and deliberate process for any animal.  At L.E.A.R.N. Horse Rescue, we take great pains not to rush that process for the best interest of the horses in our care.  Depending on the age and overall physical condition of the horse upon intake into our facility, full recovery may take between 3 and 6 months.  Each of the horses at L.E.A.R.N. that are available for adoption have completed this process and are ready for placement in lifelong homes.
In the descriptions of each Rescue below, you'll often notice a reference to the "Henneke Scale" when a Rescue's intake condition is being described.   The Henneke Scale is used by law enforcement agencies as an objective method of scoring a horse's physical condition in animal cruelty cases.  It is a standardized system that can be used across all breeds of equines without specialized equipment.  Condition is assessed visually and by palpation over the 6 major points of a horse's body.  
Scores range from 1 to 9. 
1 equates to "poor, extremely emaciated, no fatty tissue; vertebrae, ribs, tail head and bones of withers, shoulder and neck are all visible."  
9 indicates that the horse is obese.
The ideal range for most horses is from 4 to 6.